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Dryer Repair Service in Los Angeles

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    As consumers, we oftentimes take many of our household appliances for granted, especially our washers and dryers. And then when they break down or quit operating properly, we wonder why. In the meantime, this creates additional time-consuming work for you. However, if you maintain your dryer, then you will likely extend the lifespan of that appliance and the same applies to your washer. Otherwise, you should get used to the idea of hanging your clothes on a clothesline to dry.

    4 Common Dryer Problems

    As professional dryer repair Los Angeles technicians, we see a number of different problems with dryers. Although there are a number of simple issues that the homeowner can handle without calling us out, the 4 most common dryer problems that we take care of include:

    • Dryer is burning clothing – numerous parts such as the drum seals, glides, or rollers may need replacing where this issue is concerned. Again, you want to rely on a professional to take care of this and not attempt to fix these problems yourself.
    • Dryer isn’t heating – if your settings are correct and you still aren’t feeling any heat, it may be the electronic ignition. You should definitely contact us in this case as we will have the tools required to access this component. Some manufacturers make it very difficult to access the electronic ignition and you have to have the right tools for this job.
    • Dryer isn’t tumbling – if the dryer turns on but the drum doesn’t spin, this may be due to a broken dryer belt. It could be the dryer motor or the switch. In either case, this is not a DIY project and you should call a dryer repair Los Angeles service to come out and fix it.
    • Dryer isn’t turning on – sometimes it may be a simple case of the plug just loosening up in the wall socket or that the circuit breaker may be tripped. However, it could be something requiring our help such as the dryer’s thermal fuse. It could also be the door safety switch that causes the dryer to stop tumbling when the door is opened. Depending on your level of DIY skill, you may be able to fix this yourself. However, we do not recommend this.

    You don’t want to put off taking care of these issues for too long as it could result in permanent dryer damage and having to spend a lot of money replacing it. Although you may feel that you can repair some of these issues, keep in mind that dryers contain hundreds of components, some of which can be extremely difficult to access. So it is best to contact a dryer repair Los Angeles service company to fix these problems.

    About Our Company

    Our dryer repair Los Angeles service company is committed to providing the most dependable and professional work possible. We are dedicated to delivering dependability and value while guaranteeing your satisfaction as well. By repairing your dryer and continuing to perform preventative maintenance on it, you’ll increase the lifespan of your dryer. Most importantly, you will extend the life of this appliance.

    Why Choose Us

    You might be asking yourself what it is that separates our company from all of the other appliance repair service companies out there. After all, a simple Google search using the search terms “dryer repair services Los Angeles” will yield nearly 1.3 million results. The following is a list of reasons why you should choose our company and make us your one-stop dryer repair Los Angeles service company.

    • We are your one-stop shop for all your appliance repairs – in addition to washers and dryers, we also repair commercial and residential refrigerators and freezers; dishwashers; garbage disposals; hoods, ovens, ranges, and stoves; ice makers; and trash compactors.
    • We do all repair work on-site in your home – if there is a need to move the appliance, we will do so. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with our company and we’ll be there to do the promptly and professionally.
    • We only install the manufacturer’s brand name parts – where name brand appliances are concerned, we use only the manufacturer’s replacement parts when repairing these different appliances. Most of these components are commercial grade and ensure many years of dependable and reliable appliance performance.

    Contact our appliance repair Los Angeles service company today for more information.